• Isabella O'Neill

Tenney Doll Review

Hey there again, friends! Today we will be reviewing AG's 2017 contemporary character- Tenneyson Evengline Grant! (or just Tenney for short....)

Lets get one thing straight- Tenney's hair is NOT easy to work with. I put fabric softener in her hair and braided it to get it like that. It's still very pretty if you keep it in a braid.

(like my new camera?)

Tenney comes in a leather skirt, a denim vest, a pink graphic shirt, and high-heeled boots. Perfect for a day at the bluebird cafe!

One of the only things I don't like about Tenney is her little curl. When styling her hair it gets caught in everything. But it really looks pretty afterward.

Well, that's it! Bye friends! Tenney said "I don't wanna say goodbye, I wanna show off my pretty eyes."

Mmmmmmkayyyyy then.

Bye people!

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