• Isabella O'Neill

Luciana Doll Review

This is a review for GOTY 2018, read on to find out about this 11-year old astronaut.

"Luciana dreams of being first person on mars. But until then, she needs to be a good team player here on earth.- Luciana book summary"

The 18-inch doll has silky, straight, thin hair but the hair is also very short compared to the other doll(s) hair. There are many styles you can do with it.

She comes with: Holigraphic lace-up boots, a stretchy, galaxy print dress, a fanny pack, and a star necklace with a holagraphic choker.

One of my only issues with the Luciana doll is that her hair flaps up on the back on the right side, but on the left side it has no flap. But other than that, Luciana is a top pick!

Bye, friends!

(say bye luciana)

(luciana said she's hoping you fellow readers and AG fans would add her to you're collection)

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