• Isabella O'Neill

Maryellen Doll Review

Hey friends! Seems like so long, hasn't it? XD No. It has not been long. It's barley been 30 minutes. AND IF YOU THINK IT'S LONG THEN I WILL- Oh right. Back to the review. Sorry, Maryellen.

Maryellen has long, curly hair that comes in a ponytail. It is easy to take of the ponytail, .......but not so easy to get back in. But there are stilll many fun thinks you can do with it!

Maryellen comes in a "nifty" 1950s outfit with a neon striped dress, some black leather sandals, a teal hairband and bow, and a knitted vest that has "M" sewn on it.

One of my only issues with Maryellen is the shoes. They do not stick on well so they fall of so I replaced them with the shoes from Luciana's Flight Suit, (Which I will be posting a review for soon) or some of the shoes from Tenney's wardrobe work also.

Anyways thats it! Bye friends!

Maryllen says bye! She also says if you wanna add her to you're collection YOU BETTER HAVE A POODLE SKIRT.

Let's not be creepy, Maryellen! *akaward laughing* Anywayyyyyyyyyys


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